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2021 Trip from Markham -> PEI

Posted on February 16, 2021 by McMf900xr
Posted on February 16, 2021 by McMf900xr (Member Score: 0)

Hello All,

I am creating a trip for the summer of 2021 from Markham to PEI and wondered if anyone can suggest and nice roads to take on the way.

Posted on February 16, 2021 by rabbit (Member Score: 4289)

Hi there.

That sounds like a really nice trip.

I didn't make that trip myself before but if I were to do it, I would start with the overview map (shown) and base my route on that.

The trip builder feature of this site allows you create a new route on a map overlayed with this routes (to make it a lot easier) but if you prefer not to become a sponsor, you can simply view all that route data here:

Good luck with your trip!

All the Best


Posted on February 21, 2021 by rabbit (Member Score: 4289)

Here is the image I wanted to post in the previous comment but was not able to because of a bug (which has just now been fixed)

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Posted on July 10, 2021 by beginnerbiker (Member Score: 0)

Years ago I rode from Toronto to ride the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. My suggestion would be to ride to Lake Placid on day 1, stop at Ben and Jerry's on day 2 and then continue through to the coast before heading north. Watch out for Moose on the way through New Brunswick.

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