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DN7C / Transfagarasan Pass : Cârtisoara - Curtea de Arges

Transylvania > Romania > Europe
September 1, 2010 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.5

The Transfăgărăşan (trans (over, across) + Făgăraş) or DN7C is the highest (~2200m) and most dramatic paved road in Romania. Built as a strategic military route by Nicolae Ceauşescu, the 110 km of twists and turns run North to South across the tallest sections of the Carpathian Mountains, between the highest peak in the country, Moldoveanu, and the second highest, Negoiu. The road connects the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, and the cities of Sibiu and Piteşti.

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B107 / Großglockner Hochalpenstraße / Hochtor : Bruck An Der Grossglocknerstrasse - Winklern

Western Austria > Austria > Europe
January 23, 2005 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.6

Fantastic scenery, and the highest pass in Austria. Open May to November. Can be busy - so probably best to avoid at weekends. Very popular with bikers, but cars too. You need a head for heights and have to like hairpins too. Some nice fast stretches too. Very few hazards except the road itself: the 29 hairpin bends. Visibility is good though, and there are hardly any side roads. Jusat watch out for people gawping at the scenery. 360 views from the Edelweissspitze - stop for food and a beer there as well. It is a toll road though. Euro 17 for a day/ Euro 30 for a 30 day pass. Their stated aim is to be the most biker friendly pass in the Alps! More info here

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SS38 / Passo Stelvio / Stilfser Joch : Bormio - Prato Allo Stelvio

Lombardia/Emilia-Romagna ... > Italy > Europe
April 14, 2005 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.5

The legendary Stelvio pass, an unbelievable selection of switchbacks on the Italian side of the Swiss border that has to be seen to be believed. It's almost always very busy and so is hard to get a clear run, but this is definitely a 'must do' for all bikers at least once.

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B77 Allersdorf to Krenhof

Eastern Austria > Austria > Europe
August 8, 2011 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

Beautiful section of road, we found it by chance, fast flowing, would've been better on a sports bike!

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SS36 / Splügenpass : Splügen - Chiavenna

Switzerland > Switzerland > Europe
March 17, 2009 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.8

Not a very well-known pass but its a beauty. Great tarmac and good visibilty make this pass to one where you can really open the trottle if you get the chance. In the beginning it is pretty straight forward but pretty fast after the Italian border the sharp turns and switchbacks build up rapidly. When descending into Italy, you will arrive at a T-junction. If you want to be thrilled beyond believe go left (i.e. the direction which is forbidden for trucks and campers). You will find a steep descend into various blind corners in and out of tunnels on a narrow road. Not for the faint-hearted or mountain-newbies, but a challenge for the advanced riders.

When arriving in Chiavenna, follow the SS37 back into Switzerland to the Maloja-pass and Julier-pass: both open and insanely fast.

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A272 : Petersfield - Haywards Heath

South East England and Lo... > United Kingdom > Europe
February 25, 2005 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

This is a nice piece of road, which combines all types of riding skills - Fast corners and slow Sharpe right-handers

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A26 : Bedingham - Newhaven

South East England and Lo... > United Kingdom > Europe
September 26, 2005 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.8

Quick blast down from the A27 to Newhaven. Only takes 10 minutes each way but well worth a detour.

N152 / La Collada de Toses : Queixans - Sant Cristòfol

Catalunya > Spain > Europe
May 23, 2006 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

Absolutely stunning piece of road - one of the best I've ridden anywhere in Europe. Classis mountain twisties, smooth tarmac, no traffic. It's hard to pick out one stretch of the N260/N152 route across the pyrenees as being the'best', but this is probably my favourite of the lot. You can really open up a big sports bike along here, but make sure your brakes are up to the job - they'll take a real hammering on the downhills.

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N260 : La Seu d'Urgell (nr Riberra D'Urgell) - Sort - El Pont de Suert - Ainsa

Catalunya > Spain > Europe
December 15, 2004 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.8

La Seu d'Urgell - Sort section
An unbelievably good road across the pyrenees which runs from quite close to the Andorran border down to the town of Sort. There are many fast open corners with great visibility, allowing you to use road width to the full. This is one of if not the best road I ever rode. A must if you are in the area. The only downside is that sometimes some cattle walk into the road, but this is only a problem on a few of the more blind corners travelling up the mountain at the start of the route.

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