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Limassol - Koumandaria region

Cyprus > Cyprus > Europe
October 28, 2006 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

Use: All bikes
Koumandaria is a sweet alcohol drink which we produce for more than 1,000 years, you should try it or you can buy a bottle from the region below. The whole area is named by that drink or the area is either mostly called "wine region".
Take road B8 heading north of Limassol and turn left when the road sign shows to Lofou village. It's a village with nice surroundings and traditional character and of course....nice tavernas. Then take the road towards Agios Therapon (ask for directions) to proceed to Agios Ambrosios village, turn right and start ascending road E601 until a right turn towards Vouni village. A well kept village which as well recently renovated and worth a visit. Then continue and pass through the villages of Kilani and Pera Pedi. Turn left towards Mandria and again left towards Omodhos and Vasa. Those two villages is a must to visit, especially Omodhos has plenty to attract you, just explore it by walking instead of riding.
From Lofou and up to Vasa you are in the heart of the wine or koumandaria region. Almost in every village you will find products coming from wine, real pure homemade, also try the traditional Soutzouko, wine before maturing with almonds inside specially treated and looks as a long sausage and above all, you can have the vineyards next to you as you ride in a relaxing mood. The whole area is full of tavernas so no need to worry about that, just let yourself free and enjoy the ride especially Winter/Spring time (not really recommended for summer). Those villages to really understand and feel how they are you have to visit them in all seasons avoiding summer.
In case you didn't had lunch yet, ride downhill on road E601 and turn right towards Pakhna with final destination Avdhimou and more exactly Avdhimou beach with some seafront tavernas with fresh fish. Returning to Limassol and make a stop at Sanctuary of Appolo and Kourion ancient sites, highly recommended return route.
Notes: You can find almost all kinds of facilities in the area. A good tip is to talk to the locals and by that find some more features for the area.
Photo 1: Vouni village
Photo 2: Sanctuary of Appolo
Photo 3: Coastal route to Kourio

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