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Jordan & Syria

Jordan > Jordan > Asia
January 23, 2011 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

Google maps will not let me trace the Syria portion. But our blog has it. We did both countries in two directions: N>S and S>N.

The Jordan mountains are great riding! Beautiful and curvy with good pavement. But don go there to try beat the Alps in twisties, go to explore. They are a step backwards in time after Turkey, especially Syria.

Palmyra Syria on of of the great Roman era cities still standing and totally mid-Sahara. If you haven seen Petra Jordan put it on your short list. And much more.

Our blogs on these places:

Just do not tell the Syrians you are going to Israel, and youll have no border problems.

But DO see Israel, its fantastic and such a huge difference in progress on the worst real estate ...

This is all an easy adventure ride from Europe. You just need the time.

Costs: CHEAP. Worth it.

Crossing Egypt

Egypt > Egypt > Africa
January 23, 2011 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

Its a HUGE country so scenery varies but really worth seeing. The Cairo Museum with 6,000 year old are is mind-blowingly great, worth a special trip. Pyramids etc ...

Cairo is the only city on earth I refused to ride. Parked bike at hotel for 2 weeks and used $3 taxis. It is the worst traffic and driving on the planet, no hype. But worth going there! Wonderful crazy.

Its not a driving challenge, roads are OK and on flat desert. Its about seeing the highly varied country.

Sinai is fantastic and brilliantly developed by Egypt. Red Sea has amazing scuba and quaint resorts for cheap. See our blog.

Unlikely to get a Saudi visa (I failed) so crossing to Israel - Jordan - Syria-Turkey is the best way out. There are no boats out, I searched for weeks. terrorism wins.

Evidently going down the Nile is brilliant but we did not have time.

Borders are corrupt as hell, have your papers 120% in perfect order and keep Euro cash handy. But once in the country its cheap and so interesting, beast African Arab place to see. Ive seen them all. Riding there is great if not a skill challenge.

If you can ride Cairo you are a better man than I. Even taxi drivers are forever getting lost, its a nutsoid maze and one constant close call. But go there anyway. Fantastic.

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Across Libya

Tunisia > Tunisia > Africa
January 23, 2011 - 1 star route rating Motorcycle Road1.0

Its extremely hard to get a drive-yourself visa, but we got lucky in Tunis and got transit visa to Egypt. Otherwise there are no boats and its impossible to get your bike from Tunisia to Egypt unless going via Europe. But no worries, Libya is not worth visiting unless you like looking at sand and Arabic-only signs. Sand and more sand. Flat and more flat. Good thing they have oil because theres nothing else. Quadhafi really screwed up badly. Getting across the land border to Egypt is a corruption nightmare, likely the worst I have encountered in some 80 borders.

All negatives aside: (A) The coastal Roman ruins in Sabratha are the best I have seen and zero other tourists -- a magnificent life experience to soak in virtually alone; (B) People are so friendly, just wonderful; (C) Evidently the best Sahara scenery anywhere, if you are on dirt bike or AWD but our visa was just 2 weeks so no time to do serious desert run; (D) Its so cheap!

We e on of few bikers to have done it. If you can arrange Tunisa + Egypt, easy to reach from Sicily, try cross Libya -- its certainly void of tourists and maybe the last of the almost-untouched traditional Arab desert places!

Our Libya blog:

Circumference of Bali (Indonesia)

Indonesia > Indonesia > Oceania
December 2, 2010 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

Its a long way to ship your bike, but 150cc ones can be rented there. I got my GL 1800 there and mine the most powerful wheels virtually in all Indonesia. Riding the circumference of Bali was some of the finest riding of my million-kilometer life. Pushed the envelope in mountainous twisties almost daily and scraped pegs frequently. Lots of traffic dodging, chickens goats and lumbering trucks. But as good as twisty riding gets on pavement. Perfect sea shore with everything from surfing to scuba to fishing and $10 - $500 hotels, great food, people. $50 a day is living in luxury including gas. If you can get there, put it on your bucket list, DO RIDE INDONESIA. See my blog on details.

North Shore St Lawrence River

Quebec > Canada > America
December 2, 2010 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

Its relatively poor and rural French on North side of St Lawrence River. But enough English that you get stuff done. Once you get well past Quebec City it becomes increasingly gorgeous with almost no traffic. Wonderful sweeping turns along St Lawrence cliffs and stunning beaches. Whale watching is excellent. People warm friendly. Charming and often humble hotels but a couple great hotels en route. Inexpensive. Great ride on a GL1800 or any bike. Its not like being in North America, an easy cultural/scenic adventure ride. Then get a ferry from Godbout to the south shore and ride Gaspé -- thats a seriously twisty wow. I tried to ride north to to Labrador but the road is utter crap after 20 km -- the big gravel thrown up by monster trucks would have destroyed my bike, its for big enduro types only unfortunately. But stay along St Lawrence N shore (South shore is semi-boring) for a few days you will never forget.

Prince George BC to Whitehorse YK

British Columbia > Canada > America
November 28, 2010 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

Two-lane asphalt through virgin Canadian tall pine forests, stunning snow-capped mountains, glaciers you can walk upon that come literally roadside in summer, hot springs, widely-spaced cute towns and great riding for any kind of bike from full dress Harley to enduro. You can push the envelope on many gorgeous twisties but beware that around the next bend a large mammal might be on the road: Wildlife galore includes moose, deer, bear, bison, and lots of river fishing. Even free-roaming horses. Its about 1600 km so 2-4 days of breathtaking spectacular and almost no traffic. One of the great roads I have done and will do again. Whitehorse is he city of the far north and less than a day away from the absolutely spectacular Dempster Highway I also wrote up.

Interior of British Columbia BC, South Yukon

Yukon > Canada > America
November 28, 2010 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

Pristine wilderness, bear, moose, bison, deere, river fishing. Soaring snow peaked mountains that make Alps look (and actually are) tame by comparison. Gorgeous forests, cute towns as side trips/detours, glaciers literally road-side in summer that you can walk on, hot springs, charming places far apart where you can sleep/eat. Its 2-lane twisty where you can push the envelope on decent asphalt -- but at the risk of a big mammal around the next bend popping out out the woods to say hi. Its as good as nature riding gets within a 1st world country. Highest recommendation, will do it again. Goldwing is fine, as is full-dress Harley, as is an enduro.

Dempster 'Highway' above Arctic Circle

Yukon > Canada > America
November 27, 2010 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

Its not about the edgy riding - its the mind blowing summer Arctic scenery. As far North as you can drive in North America. I have ridden most of Africa, N Am. Europe, Asia. 90 Countries. This is as stunning as it gets I promise. The road is a berm on top of the permafrost, easy to ride gravel on any bike/car, but at edges of road are tire-slashing slices of shale, and many cars change their tires. Have a great patch kit and thick new coarse tires. Knobbies are nice but not necessary. Dusty bikes make it all the time. I was among the lucky, no flats. You and bike will get very dusty but can clean up at both ends of the road. Best (free) camping you can imagine en route in wilderness. Be bear-conscious however and learn the avoidance tricks. If riding to Alaska take this once in lifetime detour. Or rent a camper conversion in Whitehorse Yukon and do it that way (easier.) August is best month, midnight sun and no black flies. AMAZING twisty 2-lane riding on paved roads en route up there! I hope to do it (again) this time on GL1800. Awesome: Its 3rd world and raw mind-blowing nature within Canada.

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