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Slovenia North Short

Slovenia > Slovenia > Europe
October 30, 2008 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

From Ljubljana we can take the highway till KRANJ or the old road (Ljubljana> Medvode> Vodice> Kranj) . Arriving to KRANJ we must turn right towards JEZERSKO. This road drives you to the Austrian-Slovenian border. When we pass the border, after 2-3 km there is a cross where we should turn right. You will drive in parallel with the border till the second Austrian-Slovenian border, direction LOGARSKA DOLINA - SOLCAVA. Then south to LUCE, LJUBNO OD SAVINIJI, NAZARJE, GORNJI GRAD, KAMNIK, VODICE. Then, again, you can choose between the highway or the old road to Ljubljana.
This route takes 5-7 hours. There are high mountains, I suggest to ride it from april-october, depending on the snow and ice.

Ruta norte de 4-5h que cruza la frontera con Austria. Carreteras estrechas de alta montaña y vistas panorámicas increibles.

Slovenia North Long

Slovenia > Slovenia > Europe
October 30, 2008 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

From Ljubljana we will go to Logatec. We can choose the highway or the normal road, which I suggest. Then we go to GODOVIC, IDRIJA towards TOLMIN. Befere Tolmin there is a beautiful village called MOST NA SOCI, where we can have a pause. Even from the petrol station the landscape is nice. When we arrived to TOLMIN we go towards BOVEC. In the right hand we meet river So?a. In the area between Kobarid and Trenta there are several nices camps, hotels, restaurants as well as many agencies which organize water and adventure sports. From BOVEC we will take the road to KRANJSKA GORA-VRSIC, which drives you up to the Vrsic mountain. The road is simply great, good tarmac and 49 funny corners. This road is close during the winter and middle-busy during the summer. From KRANJSKA GORA we will go to JESENICE, then to BLED. I suggest to avoid this little city, for me it´s too touristic and the best it´s still coming. From BLED you will go to BOHINJ. There is a nice camp at the end of the road, a waterfall and several restaurants. In the village of Stara Fužina there is a typical restaurant called Planáar. Then we will come back till BOHINJSKA BISTRICA, which is in the way back to Bled. In BOHINSJA BISTRICA we will go right to SKOFJA LOKA and the to LJUBLJANA.
This route takes a whole day, or you can divided it two parts. It is not more than 250km, but it is plenty of corners.

Ruta para moto por el norte de Eslovenia con una duración prevista de 6-7h. Circulamos en paralelo con el precioso rio So?a, subiremos al pico Vrsi? y pararemos a comer cerca del lago de Bohinj (gostilna Planžar en el pueblo de Stara Fužina)