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Nafplio-Tripoli (old national road)

Mainland Greece > Greece > Europe
November 11, 2012 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

The route is the old highway Argos-Tripoli. It is not used by car-drivers and -for this reason- is perfect for bike-trip. It is very scenic and many points prefer panoramic view!

This road is known by the name kolosourtis

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Ioannina - Zagoria - Prespes lakes

Mainland Greece > Greece > Europe
December 1, 2006 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.8

Use: All bikes
Make the route as exactly as described, don't miss anything. At Ioannina take road E90 and very shortly you will enter the Zagoria area. Kipi, Elati, Papingo, Vikos are some of the special and picturesque villages of the area which you must visit. The route is fantastic with lots of old bridges worth many photos and nature at its best with the high mountain range of Pindos mountains giving extra satisfaction to your eyes. Then continue E90 all the way to Kastoria, a great route with lots of picturesque scenery and places, take lots of breaks to enjoy nature. The road is well paved passing from fantastic locations. Also here is the Vikos gorge, 16km long, many hours of walking but fantastic nature. Kastoria, I believe is the prettiest town of Greece, the houses are like the old aristocrat ones, the whole town is magnificent and famous for furs manufacturing. An overnight is a must here so able to enjoy it. The next day take road 15 towards the lakes of Prespa, very nice route and the lakes are hiding lots of features for the curious one, just explore it but be careful for bad people here and never stop for a help to anyone except that you are sure they're a tourist.
After visiting Prespes lakes then set heading to Florina on road E86, very nice route through mountainous thick forest road.
Notes: fill tanks often / don't stop to help anyone on this route, you may be hurt or even killed.

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